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Six main features of green supply chain in ICT industry

source:goldencsr    date:2019-04-23 16:29:00


On April 9, China's ICT Industry Sustainable Development and CSR Summit Forum 2019 was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. 

Over 90 guests including experts, scholars, and enterprise representatives in the field of CSR, attended the forum. Ms. Lin Bo, Vice President of GoldenBee (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., shared features of the green supply chain practices of ICT industry.

Ms. Lin Bo pointed out that the green supply chain practices of ICT industry will have six features, and she also offered some countermeasures and suggestions for the ICT enterprises to build green supply chain: establishing the awareness of risk sharing and building strategic alliances; responding to policy trends and promoting benign competition; taking advantage of ICT industry’s technological strength and improving management efficiency; advocating cross-industry collaboration and sharing advanced experiences.   

The six main features of the green supply chain practices of ICT industry:

1. Environmental management will be included in procurement standards;

2. Waste recycling and disposal becomes the highlight of responsibility fulfillment;

3. Green management of product’s whole lifecycle become the common sense of the industry;

4. Supplier communication and training will be organized regularly;

5. The green development potential of small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) still needs to be further explored;

6. The transparency of the disclosure of green supply chain information still needs to be improved.


Lin Bo, Vice President of GoldenBee (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

The Green Supply Chain Best Practices of ICT Industry 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the Best Practices) was released during the forum. Based on deliberation of the latest national policies and the green supply chain practices of ICT industry in recent two years, for the first time, The Observation Report of the Green Supply Chain Development of ICT Industry 2019(hereinafter referred to as the Observation Report) was added in the Best Practices.

The Observation Report points out that the supply chain enterprises involved in the ICT industry are large and complex. Environmental issues from any part of the supply chain could have a bad impact on the whole industry’s sustainable development. This to some extent brings serious challenges to the green supply chain management (GSCM) of ICT industry. The “five-sphere integrated model” of government guidance, industry promotion, customer requirements, corporate practices, and social engagement, plays a good role in pushing the green supply chain practices of China’s ICT industry.

In the process of compiling the Best Practices, 9 cases of 8 enterprises with outstanding performances were selected after case collection, material verification, expert review, text editing, etc.


Guests unveil the cover of The Green Supply Chain Best Practices of ICT Industry 2019.