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Dai Yibo invited to attend the DS event in Brussels

source:goldencsr    date:2023-11-14 09:42:08

Since 2017, GoldenBee Consulting has been the sole facilitator of Drive Sustainability China, serving as a platform for leading global OEMs to implement sustainable supply chain management in China and collectively improve the social, ethical, and environmental performance of the automotive supply chain. GoldenBee Consulting consistently conducts research of the ESG aspects of the automotive industry and shares the latest insights on sustainable development in the automotive industry on important platforms such as automotive industry forums and international sustainable development forums.

On October 10-11, 2023, Ms. Dai Yibo, Vice President of GoldenBee Consulting, participated in a two-day event organized by Drive Sustainability in Brussels, Belgium.

Drive Sustainability is committed to integrating sustainability into the overall procurement process, improving the performance of both the companies and their supply chain, sending a common message to suppliers, developing a common approach towards sustainable raw materials, promoting standardization of supply chain approaches, and engaging in influential activities with suppliers, stakeholders, and relevant departments to drive the sustainable development of the automotive industry.

Drive Sustainability believes that standards are crucial for achieving 100% sustainable value chain in the automotive industry. These standards will be used by different stakeholders in the value chain for different purposes. A coordinated approach is needed to alleviate the burden on suppliers and improve the consistency of different standards when applied by suppliers, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of the standards.

To this end, Drive Sustainability has developed a set of standards to assess the maturity of automotive mineral supply chain sustainability standards and invites stakeholders to provide suggestions on their application and effectiveness.


In addition to this special research analysis, Drive Sustainability has also invited over 100 representatives from various stakeholders who are concerned about the development of the automotive value chain to engage in open discussions on the future overall strategy of the project, including actions on specific topics such as labor and carbon management. During the discussions, each group shared valuable insights with an emphasis on the need for continuous dialogue and collaborative efforts with relevant stakeholders. Drive Sustainability guides automotive companies towards the same direction and further promotes sustainability along the value chain through this continuous and transparent stakeholder dialogue. Drive Sustainability Global and China teams will incorporate these insights and recommendations into the 2024 sustainable action plan. Drive Sustainability China will soon launch the Drive+ platform targeting automotive suppliers, attracting more automotive component companies to join, promoting dialogues between OEMs and suppliers, strengthening collaboration, and jointly exploring solutions to sustainable development challenges.

Drive Sustainability also held a Leadership Assembly where management teams from OEMs had a more detailed discussion on the next steps, in order to collectively address the environmental and social challenges faced by the automotive industry in the future.

At the Leadership Assembly, Ms. Dai Yibo shared a series of activities that have been carried out by Drive Sustainability China over the past three years, including online and offline training for suppliers, expert seminars, OEMs-suppliers exchange events, etc. The changing themes of the events reflect the characteristics and trends of sustainable development in the Chinese automotive industry, while a series of research results reflect the continuous improvement of Chinese automotive component companies in sustainable development strategies and management.


Ms. Dai also introduced the situation of ESG-related policies and regulations in China, helping global OEMs understand the background of sustainable development in China, especially the compliance requirements in place related to the Automotive Sustainability Guiding Principles. In the future, Drive Sustainability China will serve and support Chinese automotive supplier companies in continuously improving their sustainable capabilities.

For more information about Drive Sustainability and Drive+, please contact Ms. Shi Weiwei. (