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Yin Gefei invited to 2024 Power Enterprises CSR & ESG Work Communication Conference

source:goldencsr    date:2024-05-27 17:39:31

On May 16, the 2024 Power Enterprises CSR & ESG Work Communication Conference succeeded in Guangzhou, hosted by China Electricity Council (CEC), co-hosted by China Southern Power Grid Company Limited (CSG) and organized by Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, with about 300 participants of heads and staff of CSR and ESG Departments from president units, vice president units and other member units of CEC, and relevant experts and news media.

With the conference theme of "Developing New Quality Productive Forces and Releasing New Responsibility Potential Energy", advanced CSR and ESG experience and cases of power companies were shared and promoted to set models of responsibilities, further spreading the philosophy of responsibility and exploring responsible innovation.


The Founder and Chief Expert of GoldenBee Consulting, Mr. Yin Gefei, was invited to attend the launch ceremony of "Power Enterprises CSR & ESG Excellent Cases".

As a professional partner of CEC in social responsibility and ESG, GoldenBee Consulting will continue contributing to the sustainable development of the power industry.