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China WTO Tribune---An authoritative CSR-focused media in China

GoldenBee (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is the operation of China WTO Tribune.

China WTO Tribune publishes news of 100,000 words and compiles every month, collects and publishes books of 800,000 words. Apart from WTO related news, China WTO Tribune began to focus on CSR. Through network, e-magazine, and printed magazine, China WTO Tribune provide government offices, enterprises, and many other businesses with monthly professional information of economy, trade and CSR. Some WTO and CSR related news and professional articles published by China WTO Tribune are authority in the field.

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CSR-CHINA ( most influential portal site focusing social responsibility in China 

As the sponsor of CSR-CHINA ( GoldenBee (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd  strives to develop it into the number one vertical website advancing CSR and promoting sustainability in China by presenting latest global corporate responsibility news and spreading the value of CSR philosophy. CSR-CHINA has served as a informationised bridge between China and international society in CSR cooperation and a window for the world to learn the CSR practice and latest progress in China.

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Social responsibility cooperation

We have established close relationship with many foreign CSR organizations including CSR EUROPE, GRI, BSCI/FTA, SHERM, Accountability, CBCC and others. Based on the cooperation, we make the voice of China to be widely heard in the global sustainability field with constant efforts in promoting international exchanges and cooperation.

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