About Us

GoldenBee Team


 Ms. Weizheng CHEN

    General Manager  

Ms. Chen is General Manager of GoldenBee CSR Consulting.She has rich experience in building corporate social responsibility brand and managing CSR crisis. She has been  leading the orientation of building and promoting the unique “GoldenBee” CSR brand in China for many years and offered consulting services for many large enterprises with regard to the stakeholder communication and management. She is also the Vice Chairman of the International Research Center for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development of Peking University.Ms.Chen holds Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication of the University of Hong Kong.


 Ms. Yibo DAI

    Deputy General Manager 

Ms. Yibo DAI is Deputy General Manager  of GoldenBee CSR Consulting.She has focused on the formulation and implementation of corporate social responsibility management strategies, and has successfully provided CSR management consulting services to many national companies and multinational companies in China. She is co-chief editor of “CSR in China” (Chinese and English), and the editor and translator of “The State of Responsible Competitiveness” (2007/2009).Ms. DAI holds MBA degree of University of Twente, the Netherlands. 


 Mr. Zhusun GUAN

   Deputy General Manager 

Mr. Zhusun GUAN is Deputy General Manager  of GoldenBee CSR Consulting. He is a senior CSR consultant and has published over 20 papers in CSSCI and many major Chinese magazines. He was involved into the compilation of many academic monographs and won the Second Prize for Distinguished Achievement in Philosophy and Social Sciences of Beijing. As a longtime researcher of corporate and industry social responsibility to promote the increase and communication of social responsibility performance, Mr.GUAN  is skilled in building model and offering  systematic social responsibility solutions.He received his master’s degree in sociology from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


 Mr.Xulin ZOU 

 Deputy General Manager 

Mr.Xulin ZOU is Deputy General Manager  of GoldenBee CSR Consulting.He joined in GoldenBee in January 2008. With eight years experience in large-scale central state-owned enterprise, Mr. ZOU has long been engaged in the plan and organization of GoldenBee brand events and market development in social responsibility field. Since 2014, he has been focusing on the internal management performance improvement and enterprise culture construction.Mr.Xulin ZOU holds Bachelor's degree in Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.