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Gefei YIN  Chief Expert



Gefei YIN is an international well-known CSR expert. His research mainly focuses on CSR, Corporate Citizenship and Innovation Management since 2004. He raised the concept of ‘Enterprise Responsible Competitiveness’ in the world and advocates the concept through promoting CSR implementation. He is also the founder advocator of “GoldenBee” CSR brand. He is Vice President of China WTO Tribune, Founder and Chief Expert of GoldenBee CSR Consulting, Expert of ISO 26000 PPO and Drafting Expert of GB 36000 National Social Responsibility Standards. He studied technology and innovation management at Brandenburg University of Applied Science in Germany and received his Master degree of Science.

Major publications include: Responsible Competitiveness—Decoding Corporate Sustainability Development, How to Write a CSR Report (China’s first monograph on CSR reporting), CSR Management Fundamentals (China’s first monograph on CSR management), and CSR in China. Besides, he also translated Corporate Responsibility Coalitions: the past, present, and future of alliances for sustainable captalism, and Living Corporate Citizenships: Strategic routes to socially responsible business into Chinese. He translated and edited The State of Responsible Competitiveness (2007).


 Zhihong YU   Chief Expert


Zhihong YU is a well-known CSR expert. He is a longtime researcher and promoter of CSR strategy and planning, management, assessment, report compilation, and communication. He is  President and Editor-in-Chief of China WTO Tribune.His publications include Guide to CSR, How to Write a CSR Report (China’s first monograph on CSR report), CSR Management Fundamentals (China’s first monograph on CSR management), Responsible Competitiveness-CSR Best Practice Cases and CSR in China(CN-EN Bilingual Version),China CSR Development Report (2006-2013), 2014 Best CSR Practices of Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China and 2015 Best CSR Practices of Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China. Mr.YU holds the Master degree of Law in Peking University.