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GoldenBee Research on H5 versions of Social Responsibility Reports 2015

source:China WTO Tribune    date:2016-07-29 17:42:25


H5, the fifth generation of HTML, is a new webpage technique which combines and makes uses of multiple elements, including images, web links, music and programs. Building on this new technique, the H5 is a new carrier of CSR reports. It enables more concise CSR reports and the dynamic presentation of images and texts is more user-friendly, which greatly improves the interactive efficiency of the communications between the cooperation and stakeholders. It will be a new trend for CSR communication in the network era.

The year 2015 is a blowout year for H5, in which the H5 version has become the standard of CSR reports. From February 17 to March 7, 2016, GoldenBee collected 45 H5 versions of CSR report samples and 201 questionnaires conducted from the perspective of stakeholders. Through the activity collection and questionnaire survey, insightful exploration and prospective predictions have been made from eight aspects, including release willingness, content type, copywriting style, page length, visual presentation, music match, interactive platform and extended links.

Our Findings

Finding 1: Diverse content types help to convey the corporate responsible image.

So far as the stakeholders are concerned, the three content types of H5 reports have their own merits. The best solution is to choose the content and format that is most advantageous to the company according to its individual communication needs and the focus of the core stakeholders.

Finding 2: Secondary creativity has become the main copywriting style of H5 CSR reports.

While most companies choose a safe and conservative copywriting style, the stakeholders prefer a vivid and lively one. In light of the features of socialized communication in network era and the features of corporate social responsibility fulfillment, choosing a more reader-friendly way of expression will fit the reading habits of H5 CSR report readers better.

Finding 3: Perfect visual presentation relies on the imperceptible match of texts and images.

Good images are indispensable. Echoing with the content of the texts, images not only help to interpret the content, but also improve the visual experience of the page. Effective photos can promote the real sense and transparency of the content, which is more time-saving than illustration. However, it bothers enterprises to collect images daily. As for the surveyed samples, modern styles and traditional styles are neck and neck, and the best one is that which fits the enterprise’s individual brand style.

Finding 4: Interactive mode with an increased sense of involvement brings much fun.

Most readers expressed their willingness to continue keeping a closely eye on the novel-designed and amusing interaction. However, nearly a quarter of readers are disgusted with the interaction because of long waiting time, consumption of data traffic, and so on. It is suggested that enterprises should pay attention to the creative presentation of interaction and choose the appropriate interaction mode.


Finding 5: Extended links permit access to more communication content.

The H5 CSR reports has the function of bringing more visitors for official website or official weibo accout and information collection, which provides more space for communication and application. Stakeholders are more willing to make use of this to participate in the enterprises’ CSR activities rather than watching the unilateral presentation by the enterprises.


Our Predictions

Prediction 1: Diverse presentation of the H5 CSR reports

The H5 version of reports, in the future, will present the products and services of enterprises to stakeholders in a more targeted way, launch more social responsibility activities, transmit more dimensional appeals and tend to a choice of reader-targeted communication. CSR activities and communication appeals towards stakeholders will be more targeted and strategic.

Prediction 2: Valuing the application of multiple techniques

The H5 CSR report breaks the monotonous PPT playing model. Its successive animated gifs are comparable to video and its scene special effects are more lifelike. With the introduction of new techniques, like transformative animated gifs, 3D effects, time line animated gifs and H5 barrage, the visual effects of H5 has overthrown the traditional dynamic effects.

Prediction 3: Integration of the paper version and the H5 version of reports

By integration, it means considering the application and technical realization of H5 version while starting to plan a copywriting.

When designing the report, we should take the expression styles and dynamic effects fitting to the H5 version as well as the communication features of the stakeholders into account, and try to highlight the focuses of stakeholders and to improve the uniformity and identification marks of responsible brand image, so as to optimize the communication value of the H5 version of reports.

Prediction 4: Plural and cross-platform communication

The prominent advantage of H5 lies in its cross-platform social share. Compatible with various systems, including PCs and mobile terminals, Windows and Linux, Android and IOS, H5 can not only be used in mobile phones, but also in Ipad and computers whenever and wherever is possible. Apart from these, H5 enables wide dissemination on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

The expression style of the future H5 social responsibility report will be more vivid and specific, rather than be only limited to the serious and objective expression of paper version. In order to stand out among numerous H5 version of social responsibility reports, the following six features should be taken into consideration at the very beginning of planning.

  1. Storytelling: one story, one plot and the use of cases has become the mainstream.

  2. Involvement: one activity and one interaction, aiming to attract stakeholders to involve in and experience.

  3. Accurateness: one object and one appeal, speaking out words in their hearts.

  4. Continuity: one phase and a series of activities to promote responsible image through accumulative communication.

  5. Amusement: a smile, and a humor to improve communication effects through viral transmission.

  6. Brand: one brand, and one image to build the influence of responsible brand.

A widely spreading H5 needs to have distinct features and precise orientation. The future H5 version of social responsibility reports will surely be more plural and diverse, which is both the trend and inevitable demand of future development.