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GoldenBee held its 2nd Project Quality Conference

source:goldencsr    date:2024-03-21 10:22:05

On March 12, the 2rd Project Quality Conference of GoldenBee Consulting was held in Beijing.

As one of the important measures of GoldenBee Consulting to enhance project quality, the conference serves as an actual action to implement the principle of "GoldenBee is quality", and an important embodiment of practicing the cultural concept of "Be with one".

Mr. Guan Zhusun, Executive Vice President of GoldenBee, released the company's first customer satisfaction report and put forward work requirements for further improving customer satisfaction.

According to the data, in 2023, the total score of the customer satisfaction survey of GoldenBee Consulting is 93.29, with a year-on-year increase of 2.7% on the same scale. A total of 39 appreciation letters were received from various institutions and enterprises.

Focusing on the culture of "professionalism first" and "service first", benchmark project team of GoldenBee Consulting shared and reviewed experience in project quality management and project innovation, etc. At the same time, representatives of junior, intermediate, and senior consultants shared their experiences on how to promote projects with high quality and efficiency, and how to handle pressure in project peak period.

Ms. Wang Wen, Assistant President of GoldenBee Consulting, gave a deep interpretation of the company's first enterprise standard, Guidance on Quality Management of Consulting Project, requiring that consulting project quality management should pay attention to customer needs and play the leadership role, emphasizing active participation of all staff and continuous improvement to ensure that the concept of "service first" is deeply rooted in every project, and the reputation of "GoldenBee is quality" is reflected in every detail.

Finally, Ms. Chen Weizheng, the President of GoldenBee Consulting, emphasized at the conference that professionalism and quality are the key to building the top brand of GoldenBee Consulting, and she put forward three requirements: "Firstly, insist prioritizing professionalism and quality, which are the foundation of survival; secondly, promote the improvement of per capita production efficiency through management, which is an important driving force for the company's continuous growth; thirdly, continuously build a brand image of 'GoldenBee is quality', which is the key to our stable and long-term development."

In the future, we will firmly set up the awareness of giving quality the top priority, continue to deepen and solidify the project quality improvement actions, practice the cultural concept of "Be with one", and make the gold-lettered signboard of "GoldenBee is quality" shine brighter.