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Yin Gefei invited to the "Brand Protection Public Lecture Hall" training course

source:goldencsr    date:2024-03-28 14:02:39

On March 19, in earnest implementation of the Outline of China’s High-quality Development, a public lecture on brand protection and sustainable development, etc. was successfully held in Beijing. The lecture was hosted by the China Council for Brand Development and undertaken by the Brand Protection Committee.

Over 300 trainees from brands, legal, and compliance departments of various entities such as Capital Airports Holdings Co., Ltd. (CAH), Beijing New Building Materials Public Limited Company (BNBM), China National Gold Group Gold Jewellery Co., Ltd., and Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. participated in the lecture either online or onsite.


During the lecture, Mr. Li Zizhu, consultant at WeiBo Law Firm, and Ms. Liang Yuan, Deputy Secretary General of the Enterprise Legal Counsel Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association, respectively made interpretation on "brand protection and risk prevention" and "the effectiveness of enterprise trademark compliance management".

Mr. Yin Gefei, Founder and Chief Expert of GoldenBee Consulting, expert of SAC/TC 532, elaborated on the theme of "creating excellent brands with new quality productive forces", covering three aspects. "New quality productive forces" means developing economy based on innovation in advanced sectors, such as new energy vehicles and artificial intelligence, as well as in-depth transformation and upgrading of industries. Overall, it features high technology, high efficiency, and high quality, etc.


Firstly, new quality productive forces represent new requirements for creating excellent brands, encompassing eight dimensions: 1) Introduction of new quality productive forces; 2) Definition of new quality productive forces; 3) Logical relationships of new quality productive forces; 4) Innovation-orientation is the soul of creating excellent brands; 5) Featuring high quality is the foundation of creating excellent brands; 6) Powered by advanced productivity is a key for building excellent brands; 7) Taking green energy as the tone ensures the sustainability of excellent brands; 8) The global perspective is a sign of successful excellent brand building.

Secondly, new quality productive forces chart a new path for creating excellent brands. Mr. Yin Gefei elaborated on the threefold value of brands, emphasizing that excellent brands should be beloved and respected by stakeholders, highlighting the commonalities between new quality productive forces and excellent brands.

Thirdly, build excellent brands through new quality productive forces: 1) New quality productive forces bring revolutionary innovation, creating new functions, emotions, and values for brands. 2) New quality productive forces spark innovation in concepts and transformation in business modes, facilitating innovative brand positioning. 3) Featuring high-quality, new quality productive forces create triple-value for brand quality. 4) Leveraging advanced productivity, new quality productive forces enhance brand employee identification, government support, and media influence. 5) Taking “green” as the tone, new quality productive forces add vitality to the sustainable development of brands. 6) New quality productive forces promote international cooperation, facilitating the internationalization of brands.

Trainee representatives commented that the training provided insights into the improvement of brand management capabilities, brand layouts adjustments, compliance management strategies, brand protection, high-quality development support and sustainable development of enterprises.