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The Climate Information Disclosure Maturity of China's Top 500 Listed Companies released

source:goldencsr    date:2024-04-19 17:38:44

The fragrance of flowers, the songs of birds, and the growth of grass all speak for the spring of nature. When we wander amidst the blossoms and soak in the beauty of spring, might you also realize that there could be hidden SOS from nature?

Recent reports about "climate warming causing early blooming of cherry blossoms and others" have sparked social concern and repeatedly trended on hot searches. Global climate change has been pointed out to not only disrupt the original ecological balance and force changes in the habits of animals and plants, but also pose significant challenges to the global economy and society.

Celeste Saulo, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), has stated that the climate crisis is exacerbating the crisis of inequality, affecting all aspects of sustainable development and undermining efforts to address issues such as poverty, hunger, health, displacement of people, and environmental degradation. In the Global Risks Report 2023, the World Economic Forum also solemnly identified "failure to mitigate climate change", "failure of climate-change adaption", and "natural disaster and extreme weather events" as the most severe global risks for the next decade.

Just as all solutions for crises ultimately fall upon the innovation of the business world and corporate organizations, under the pressure and promotion of regulators and public opinion, actively responding to climate change and proactively disclosing climate information have become the unavoidable responsibilities of pioneering companies. Whether in the macro context of international cooperation or in the micro context of corporate operations, climate information disclosure has never been more a consensus for companies to fulfill their social responsibilities, carrying significant value of contributing to global sustainable development.

Within the broader scope of addressing climate change, listed companies, as the micro foundation of high-quality economic development and the basic units of climate action, bear the mission and responsibilities of the times. The climate risk management and disclosure level of China's Top 500 listed companies not only reflects their own efforts to promote sustainable development, but also, to a certain extent, represents the responsiveness and management level of Chinese companies in disclosing information on climate change.

Based on these issues, GoldenBee Consulting released the Climate Information Disclosure Maturity of China's Top 500 Listed Companies, aiming to support more companies to better disclose climate information and help them enhance the substance and accuracy of their disclosures.


In line with the requirements of IFRS S2, the report studies on China's Top 500 listed companies in 2023, sorts out the current state of disclosure, summarizes highlights and difficulties, and suggests actions based on the findings.

Based on IFRS S2, the report has the following findings after comprehensively assessing the core issues about climate information disclosure level of China's Top 500 listed companies:

Progress in climate information disclosure

Insufficient disclosure of climate information

Summary and Recommendation