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Biodiversity Protection and Sustainable Development Seminar Held in Guangzhou

source:goldencsr    date:2016-03-01 11:08:36


The Biodiversity Protection and Sustainable Development Seminar, jointly organized by China WTO Tribune and Foreign Trade Association (FTA) ? Business Environmental Performance Initiative(BEPI),was held in Guangzhou on November 17, 2015. Mr. Zhusun GUAN and Ms. Bo LIN, Deputy General Managers of GoldenBee CSR Consulting were invited to attend this seminar.


Mr. Zhusun GUAN gave a Keynote Speech on Practices of Enterprises' Participation in Biodiversity and analyzed the reason why enterprises need to participate in the biodiversity. He said, “Enterprises’ participation in biodiversity can reduce business risks, explore the future business opportunities for the enterprises and improve enterprises’ reputation."

For how to participate in the biodiversity, he further pointed out that enterprises need to identify their own action field, gradually establish biodiversity management system  to integrate the concept of biodiversity into the whole production cycle .meanwhile, it is necessary to strengthen biodiversity information disclosure and carry out constant CSR communication with all stakeholders, he added.


Mr. Zhidi YU, Division Director for Division 4 of Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that Enterprises’ participation in biodiversity not only needs the actions but also needs to extend the concept of biodiversity to the entire supply chain. The development of enterprises cannot be separated from biodiversity. Every company has direct or indirect contact with natural resources, and enterprises need to use your head to find the links between natural resources and itself.  

Mr. Nidal Zribi, Head of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability at HEMA Far East, expressed the same idea. He held that, from the perspective of the human beings, all problems are the responsibilities that we need to burden, and the only solution to solve these problems is cooperation; from the perspective of enterprises, biodiversity concerns each link in the supply chain so the biodiversity protection needs the participation of the entire supply chain to produce the best results.


Mr. Mouz.Liu,  Deputy manager of Supply Security of Topfond Health (China) Pharmaceutical Co., LTD under Lee Kum Kee Group presented the practice on biodiversity protection. Based on the operation practice in traditional Chinese medicine industry, he emphasized the promotion role of unique innovation management mode for biodiversity protection.


Ms. Bo LIN, Deputy General Managers of GoldenBee CSR Consulting chaired this seminar and said in the panel discussion that, only more and more enterprises, organizations and individuals have shared vision to carry out the common action, and realize the cross-border cooperation, the biodiversity sustainable development can become a reality.


Joyce Chau, Representative China, Foreign Trade Association also stressed that, biodiversity protection is becoming an important part of China's social responsibility practices and it needs multi-parties cooperation and support. The European Union practices and experience on biodiversity can provide reference for China.