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GoldenBee Becomes the Exclusive GRI Data Partner in Mainland China

source:goldencsr    date:2016-04-01 18:13:38

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GoldenBee CSR Consulting (GoldenBee) signed the agreement with Global Reporting Initiative to establish the official data partnership on March 7.


GoldenBee started social responsibility research from 2003 and conducted social responsibility report research from 2009. By now, it has evaluated thousands of social responsibility reports and practices, published 8 GoldenBee CSR Practice Reports, 7 GoldenBee CSR Reporting Reports and published 18 CSR monographs. GoldenBee has become the most cited CSR reports database with most comprehensive and accurate information. Based on decades of professional research and mountains of data, GoldenBee is selected as the exclusive GRI data partner in mainland China.


GRI is committed to providing the world’s most trusted and widely used standards on sustainability reporting since 1997 and has devoted to promoting the concept of sustainability over years. GRI collects and categorizes information about sustainability reports and the reporting organizations from around the world through Sustainability Disclosure Database to identify global reporting trends and forms.  


To collect and share the latest sustainability reporting information, GRI develops Data Partners in the strategic countries and regions around the world to work on it. The report and reporting organization’s information provided by Data Partners will be added to GRI's Sustainability Disclosure Database. This collaborative partnership also helps the data partners become a leader in the field of sustainability reporting trends analysis in their regions. The public can visit GRI website monthly to check GRI reports list and visit the portal of GRI Data Partners to find the latest GRI reporting information.


According to GoldenBee, a total of 2,357 CSR reports (including information from the press release of releasing CSR reports) were released in mainland China in 2015, indicating that Chinese enterprises attach great importance to the communication with stakeholders.


If you want to join the GRI database to share the reporting information of your organization, please contact Ms. Hou Chuqing (email: