About Us

GoldenBee Expert

Yin Gefei  

Founder and Chief Expert


Expert of ISO Working Group on Social Responsibility

Drafting Expert of GB 36000 National Social Responsibility Standards

Academic Vice Chairman of Think-Tank of China Corporate Social Responsibility (TTCCSR)

Adjunct Professor and Member of Academic Committee of HUST-GoldenBee CSR Research Institute

EMBA/MBA Visiting Lecturer on CSR, Tsinghua University

Mr. Yin Gefei is an international well-known CSR expert. He is also Founder and Chief Expert of GoldenBee, Secretary of ISO 26000 Stakeholder Global Network (ISO 26000 SGN). He studied technology and innovation management at Brandenburg University of Applied Science in Germany and received his Master degree of Science.

His research mainly focuses on CSR, Corporate Citizenship and Innovation Management since 2003. He took the lead to raise the philosophy of ‘Responsible Competitiveness’, advocated the theories of hierarchy of responsibility and sustainable brand, and proposed the concepts including responsible competitiveness, responsible industry, three stages of responsibility competition, system of responsibility competition rules, three major areas and ten approaches of CSR practices in China, etc. He is also the advocator of “GoldenBee” CSR brand. Mr. Yin Gefei has led and undertaken a number of major CSR research and consulting projects, planned and organized a series of influential international CSR forum and discussion. He has published 20 monographs on social responsibility and sustainable development, and published more than 100 articles in domestic journals, with a total of more than 8 million words. He also conducts innovative researches and has unique insights on CSR management and sustainable brands.