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About GoldenBee


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GoldenBee is a pioneer network of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development in China and a collective brand of Chinese enterprises pursuing sustainable development. Initiated by GoldenBee (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GoldenBee Consulting) with the support of China Sustainability Tribune (formerly known as China WTO Tribune), GoldenBee was established in the course of “Looking for Bee-Enterprises” campaign and has gradually developed into an important CSR and sustainable development platform in China.GoldenBee network logo.png

Dedicated to motivating enterprises to take social responsibility and sustainable development practices in China, GoldenBee continuously carries out “Looking for Bee-Enterprises” campaign from 2007. The “GoldenBee Enterprises” with the “responsible competitiveness” * can promote the synergies and shared prosperity of enterprises, the environment, and the society, thus contributing to common sustainability of enterprises and the society. As of the end of 2019, a total of 329 enterprises had been named as “GoldenBee Enterprises”.

*Companies make use of their professional advantages to solve the social, environmental and employees’ problems. During implementing CSR, they can also get economic benefits. In this way, the enterprise can strengthen its responsible competitiveness

Influential events organized by GoldenBee include international forums, seminars, and initiatives. GoldenBee’s annual events, the International CSR Forum and the International Conference on CSR Reporting in China, have been held for 14 and 12 sessions respectively.28 enterprises and a non-business organization have joined the GoldenBee Global CSR 2030 Initiative.

Currently, the members of GoldenBee include GoldenBee Consulting, China Sustainability Tribune, GoldenBee BrandingHUST-GoldenBee CSR Research Institute, GoldenBee ThinkTank, Gaolin Consulting, and GoldenBee Enterprises. Mr. Yin Gefei is the founder of GoldenBee, Mr. Yu Zhihong is the co-founder, and Mr. Johnny Kwan is the creatives.

Secretariat of GoldenBee


Chen Weizheng, President of GoldenBee Consulting, weizheng.chen@goldenbeechina.com

Deputy Secretary-General

Dai Yibo, Vice President of GoldenBee Consulting (contact of international affairs), yibo.dai@goldenbeechina.com

Deputy Secretary-General

Zou Xulin, Vice President of GoldenBee Consulting (contact of Chinese affairs), xulin.zou@goldenbeechina.com

Deputy Secretary-General

Du Juan, Associate Editor-in-chief of China Sustainability Tribune (contact of media affairs), juan.du@wtoguide.net

The origin of “GoldenBee”

Bees gather and make honey from flowers for survival. In the meantime, they spread pollen for plants to grow. As a result, they could have wider sources to gather honey. It is a sustainable lifestyle and that is why bees can exist 137 million years. There are enterprises, just like bees, who dedicate to creating harmony and symbiosis with the environment and the society. They are called “GoldenBee Enterprises”.

For more information, please visit: http://en.csr-china.net/