GoldenBee Services


Following the philosophy of responsible competitiveness, we conduct an outside-in survey upon the harmonious and co-existent relationship between enterprises and the society through carrying out consulting service. We strive to invigorate enterprises to seek responsible value and push them to reinforce responsible competitiveness through reshaping enterprises’ management mode via the philosophy of social responsibility to obtain more frequent and enduring business success and realize enterprise and society sustainable development.

Compiling CSR report



Tailor-made consulting

One-stop consulting service

Technical guidance

Localized consulting for transnational companies’ reports

To identify the distinction and connection between the report of local branch company and that of the group company, position the key points and the excellent points of the report, and provide Chinese/English bilingual service.

Writing country report for Chinese enterprises and providing consulting service for their country report writing.

Help Chinese enterprises to go out and  them in their overseas business operation.

Packaged writing and consulting service for both the group company and its branch/subsidiary companies

To identify basic principles, highlight the features of our clients, and establish organic connections on the basis of differentiation.

Participate in the preparation, writing, design, and release of report as technique-provider and executor.

Identifying materiality issues, building framework, assessing quality comprehensively, and suggesting improvements in report compilation.

Building social responsibility management system


Consulting   service

Concrete   content


Social responsibility   strategy

Formulating   integrated planning based on corporate strategy goals to improve  its responsible competitiveness to advance   its missions.

enterprises in   steel, auto, electricity, finance, and media, and other industries

Social   responsibility planning

Formulating   periodical objectives, establishing responsible management mode,  and formulating systematic and viable   promotion and management approaches to advance corporate strategy goals.

Enterprises in   steel, auto, power, finance, telecom and other industries

Social   responsibility management tool of specific department

Increasing the   effectiveness and feasibility of a department in performing social   responsibility by Identifying its the social responsibility and compiling   responsibility management handbook based on its business and functions.

Enterprises in   steel, power, telecom, and other industries

Social   responsibility staff handbook

Introducing   CSR knowledge and raising awareness of employee; introducing the company’s   CSR strategy and activities, gaining the trust of employees, and enhancing   the sense of honor and pride.

Enterprises in   information and communication, power and other industries

Social   responsibility index system

Setting   criteria applicable to internal appraisal and external disclosure to reflect   and assess the impact of enterprise decisions, management and operations on   stakeholders and natural environment.

Enterprises in   steel, auto, power, telecom, media, consulting, food, Chemical, and other   industries.