GoldenBee Insights

GoldenBee Insights

Latest trends of CSR development in China

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Chinese Enterprises

Women——the Great Wall in the Pandemic

Can SDGs be the Bible for corporate management after the pandemic?

How to cope with the global supply chain hit by COVID-19?  

SDG17: partnerships and battle against the COVID-19

Public health emergency and SDGs

The golden key to N-dimensional branding

Five advice on sustainable infrastructure development

Analysis on CSR reports of Fortune Global 500 companies in China

Research on latest trend of CSR development in China released

Soft power building of Chinese enterprises overseas

GoldenBee and Biodiversity

How to enhance corporate sustainability?

Triple Bottom Line of CSR & corporate value management

Promoting CSR management with the principle of hierarchy of responsibility

Will the world be better in 2018? Bian Que gives us a clue

GoldenBee Research on CSR Reporting in China 2017 released

London 2012 Summer Olympics: starts sustainability management in all aspects

Sustainability management system: starting from the Olympic Games

Report reveals that GoldenBee Enterprises lead in CSR practice

How ICT enterprises contribute to achieving SDGs

CSR management: sharing economy, value creation and competiveness improvement

2015 GoldenBee Research on CSR reports of China Auto Industry

2015 GoldenBee Research on CSR reports of China’s Mining Industry

GoldenBee Research on CSR Reports of Foreign-invested Enterprises in China

GoldenBee Research on H5 versions of Social Responsibility Reports 2015

What is the Key Word for a New Brand Era?

GRI Global Conference Calls for a New Era

TPP May Lead CSR Principles to Play a Greater Role? |Who Is Reshaping International Trade Principles

GoldenBee Research on CSR Reports of Central SoEs in China 2015

Chief Expert of GoldenBee CSR Consulting Attends ISO 26000 Conference in Stockholm

Goldenbee Index on CSR Reporting in China 2015

What 36000 means-- An Interpretation of Chinese National Standards of Social Responsibility

SOEs Should Play a Leading Role in Social Responsibility Fulfillment

Volkswagen Scandal Reveals the Necessity to Strengthen CSR Legislation

GoldenBee Research on CSR Reports of Central Enterprises in China 2014

GoldenBee Research on CSR Report of Chinese ICT Industry in China 2014

GoldenBee Index on CSR Reporting in China (2009-2014)

Download the Sino-Swedish CSR Toolkit

UN Economic, Social body to launch network tackling ‘monumental’ global employment challenge

Ban launches ‘call to action’ inviting commitments from businesses to employ people with autism


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